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Cabinetry, Stone, and Flooring


About Us

Established in 2002.

Our commitment at Lode International Inc is to provide you with quality products and customer service experience to fit your needs. Lode International Inc imports and wholesales premium quality cabinetry, counter tops, vanity tops, stone, sinks, and flooring. We also specialize in providing prefabricated kitchen counter tops and vanity tops, made from the finest materials.

With decades of experience, a professional production team, advanced stone processing facilities, as well as long-established contacts to the quarries from China, Brazil, Finland, Spain, India, Italy, etc., we are able to maintain low costs without sacrificing quality.

Our Dallas warehouse currently stores more than 30 colors of prefabricated 2cm and 3cm granite and quartz counter tops, ready for immediate pick up and installation. A long-time leader in the stone processing industry, Lode International Inc is dedicated to bringing you premium granite, marble, and engineered quartz products at the lowest prices.

We work with builders, contractors, installers, handymen, and home owners. We are ready to help you for your supply needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email us.